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Fairy Tales can Come true

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her pals are sharing the experience

You may notice lots of familiar faces, maybe even YOURS


so what is next for rosie's book career?

Here is just a hint.  So do not delay, join the party today.

ROSIE Star of Stage and TV Screens Everywhere



 Here we have the state-of-the-art electronic control center from which Rosie manages her vast media empire.  Along with a lot of help from her friends, who are way too numerous to mention here.



Rosie is the star of her own TV show, aptly named The Rosie Show.  #RosieTV 

Much more about Rosie in The Rosie Show on The  “ROSIE TV by Animal Musings  YouTube Channel.  



Rosie knew that she had come into her own when she was the featured guest on the extremely prestigious Off The Leash telecast.

The ROSIE TV Executive Staff

rosie tv media empire queen

rosie tv media empire queen

rosie tv media empire queen


Rosie is a seasoned professional.  She is the ace field reporter for #AnimalMusings.  She is also the on-screen host of The Rosie Show, televised worldwide on The Animal Musings YouTube Channel,   In her spare time, Rosie is the Adjunct Professor of Video Journalism for the preposterously prestigious #BarnyardLawyer School of Imitation Law.  

assistant producer

rosie tv media empire queen

rosie tv media empire queen


Rebel, he of #DangerDawgz and  #theRuffRiderz fame, is instrumental in the ongoing success of Rosie TV.

In the interest of full transparency, and before those blabbermouth Top Gun Kitties @TopGunKitties post another footnote,  Rebel is the boyfriend of Rosie TV Media Empire Queen Rosie herself.

c0-operations COORDINATORS

rosie tv media empire queen

c0-operations COORDINATORS


  Co-Operations Coordinators Maverick & Charlie keep things running around the sprawling Rosie TV Studio Complex  Using their engineering skills and vast experience as hotshot flyers they ensure all of the state of the art studio equipment is always in good working order.  They also run things when Queen Rosie is not around, and sometimes when she is. 


hospitality director

c0-operations COORDINATORS


  Chief of Security Sergeant Bakon maintains Law and Order, with apologies to Briscoe and Greene.  Sgt. Bakon keeps track of the monumental amount of guests and oversees the general security of the complex.  His primary responsibilities seem to be keeping those two @TopGunKItties out of mischief.  Good luck with that.  

legal advisor

hospitality director

hospitality director


   Since 2006, Gregarious Gus THE #BarnyardLawyer himself has led the effort to permanently eliminate nearly all semblance of useful legal information. He has been at the forefront of nearly every major public legal victory. We define victory very loosely. 

Gus oversees the legal affairs of the sprawling Rosie TV Media Empire.  And yet it still seems to be thriving. 

hospitality director

hospitality director

hospitality director


 Captain Malcom. brings a wealth of experience from his days working on cruise ships as Host, Social Director, Tour Guide, and when absolutely necessary, babysitter to wayward youngsters and sometimes adults who may have stayed at the Martini Bar for one too many. 

ROSIE in her own words


rescued in the nick of time

"Although I was cute and adorable, actually VERY cute and adorable, nobody seemed to want me. I was passed back and forth like I was a Ping-Pong ball or something. Why wouldn’t anyone love me and take care of me, because after all, I was cute and adorable. It was very depressing having to move to a new place every few days, it seemed like it would never end.

Finally, it did end, almost. I was placed in a 'kill shelter' because I was deemed not placeable according to those who decide such things; and we all know what happens in those kinds of places, nothing good for sure. I could not understand why this was happening. But now I was going to be cute and adorable and dead. There I was, all alone with no hope of salvation, no hope of anything.

But then something did happen. Apparently, one of those places in which I had spent time had a website with photos of the doggies that were available for adoption. My future hu-mom, the Lawyer Lady you may have heard about, was looking for a companion for her aging canine Maggie May. After the Lawyer Lady saw how cute and adorable I really was, she tracked me down via the internet, as she had really smart people in her law firm."


lots of love, kindness, learning

"After the Lawyer Lady made contact with the shelter manager, he agreed to bring me to her office. There was a whole welcoming committee there for me. After we all spent time together, it was agreed that I would be the right fit. Because I was, after all, cute and adorable. I am now happily ensconced in her household, where I am enjoying life to its fullest.

So, remember everyone, fairytales can come true, it can happen to you if you are young at heart; and of course, cute and adorable." 


looks like she made it

 "This…..is…..ROSIE. I always have to assert myself because everybody calls me a squirt, including my big brother Big Gus. Merely because he is the big shot Dean of this jazzed up #Barnyard Lawyer School of Imitation Law thing, he and everybody else thinks he is some kind of big deal. Well, big poo to that.

I am very cute and adorable. Being a Shih Tzu, I am automatically cute and adorable. Because I am ROSIE, I am even more cute and adorable. When I was measured on the cute and adorable scale, it was determined that I was totally cute and adorable. And I never even had to go to cute and adorable school in order for me to get so cute and adorable."

Rosie and the RoseBuds


the key players in the band of renowned

And away we go with the Who's Who of Rosie and the RoseBuds.  

Starting with the FRONT ROW we have:  Ravishing Rosie, lead singer / Pulsating Penny, percussionist / Perpetual Petunia, rhythm keeper / Captivating Kohori, mover and shaker (what do you think is done with maracas?). 

And now we have the BACK ROW with: Precise Penny Lane, agent-legal counsel / Rockin' Rebel, band manager / Gracious Gracie, Rosie's personal assistant and confidant / Sensational Sassy, president of the Rosie and the RoseBuds' fanclub. 


Back-up Band Members

Following in the tradition of the great rock bands, the back-up members will remain anonymous.  Can you name any of the Four Seasons other than Frankie Valli?  Any of the Pips?  Any of the Union Gap?  Any of the Playboys?  Any of the Pacemakers?  We rest our case. 


Support staff

In the same vein as the back-up members, if we showed the support staff and named names, they would want benefits.

The RoseBuds in Concert

Rosie and the RoseBuds performing in concert as only they can.  Sit back and enjoy.

Road Dog Rosie is one of #TheRuffRiderz


on the open road

out on the hog with the horse

motor doggie quarterly

Road Dog Rosie styling and profiling on the high  side.  She can see the lightning, heavy metal thunder.  Born to Be Wiiiild!!!!


motor doggie quarterly

out on the hog with the horse

motor doggie quarterly

Here we get a sneak peak at the centerfold of the new edition of Motor Doggie Quarterly  featuring who else but our girl Road Dog Rosie.


out on the hog with the horse

out on the hog with the horse

out on the hog with the horse

Road Dog Rosie out the open highway with  big brother Galavanting Gus.  Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper eat your hearts out.

The Award Winning Rosie has No Equal

Rosie is presented the Key to the City by the Honorable Mayor of Sorrento, Florida.

Realistically ROSIE on ROSIE TV

Mike Wallace has nothing on our star ROSIE.  Here the Barbara Walters of the Furpal set interviews Rebel.  Rebel, of course, is one of the Leading Doggies in that newest hit #DangerDawgzConfidential.  

This is Must See TV at its very finest

Realistically ROSIE on ROSIE TV Returns


Rosie continues the tradition of interviewing excellence. This episode of Rosie TV features Rosie interrogating, oops we mean interviewing those stewards of #KittyLoafMonday The Bruizzer Brubbers. Also included is their One-Piggie Entourage Mr. Bakon

Realistically ROSIE on ROSIE TV Continued

 Rosie follows up on her Rebel from #DangerDawgzConfidential interview with another Realistically ROSIE exclusive feature.  This time she was able to speak at length, but not too too long, with Jack the heart and soul (at least that is what his press release says) of #DangerDawgzConfidential.

ROSIE'S Coffee and Brew Bar


plenty of room for everyone

The newly expanded and refurbished facility easily accommodated the massive #OTLFP after party.  The gathering occurred to celebrate Rosie's guest appearance on the wildly popular Off the Leash program.


behind the green door

Located in a very inviting tropical setting, Rosie's Coffee & Brew Bar has the look that says do drop in.  And when you do, you will find that Rosie's is not your typical coffee shop, but so much more.  For more intimate settings, there is the Private Dining Room for very special occasions.

Shown above is the setup for the #DangerDawgzConfidential Gala Reception.



The Original Rosie's Coffee Bar, located on the campus of the #BarnyardLawyer School of Imitation Law, was the inspiration for Rick's Cafe Americain, which was featured in the stage play Everyone Comes To Rick's.  The play, in turn, was the instrument on which the cult favorite movie Casablanca was based.  Here's looking at you kid.  

ROSIE the Diverse Entrepreneur


rosie's limo service

Need to go somewhere and do not have a ready mode of transportation?  Rosie's Limo Service is your answer to ground travel to wherever you may want to go.  And to come back if you so desire.


rosie's same day delivery service

Feel like a latte' or a Danish but have nothing in the house or kennel to sate your thirst or appetite?  And really do not feel like going out for it?  Fear not as Rosie's Same Day Delivery Service will save the day for you.


rosie's group ride service

 Do you and your group need to go somewhere and do not have a ready mode of transportation?  Or perhaps it is a celebratory journey and you are smart to be getting an outside driver.  Rosie's Group Ride Service is your answer to ground travel to wherever you and your group may want to go.  And to come back if you so desire and have nothing else to do.  Always up to you on this one.