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It All Started With A Mini


just not another pretty mini horse

While Gregarious Gus is indeed a mini horse, he is so much more than that.  In a short span of time, Gus has become an iconic symbol of the fact that anything can be accomplished if you put your mane and tail into it.  He serves as Dean of the #BarnyardLawyer School of Imitation Law (S.O.I.L.).  Gus the Gregarious One also serves double duty as the  exalted Editor in Chief of the world renowned #AnimalMusings.  You are probably familiar with #AnimalMusings by now, since you are on their website.

@GregariousGus is a well known personality in the animal Twitter world, with an extraordinary following.  Gus is available for public appearances.  The fee is not as high  as you may think.  Amazing what a bunch of carrots will get you.


testimonialS and endorsementS

The #BarnyardLawyer School of Imitation Law (S.O.I.L.) is the premiere provider of unimaginable legal drivel.

— Jack Bailey, ABA Digest 

The #BarnyardLawyer School of Imitation Law (S.O.I.L.) always provides us with the juiciest stories particularly compared to what we get from Harvard, Yale, and Stanford.

- Brewster Warlock, Editor

  Equine Enquirer 


what gregarious gus has accomplished - so far

  • Been to the NipClub.
  • Survived the NipClub
  • Joined the Zombie Squad
  • Hung out at PalsPorch.
  • Joined the Aviators Club
  • Been to Weeti Mars social.
  • Actually came back from the Weeti Mars social.
  • Guest on #OTLFP (Off The Leash, for the uninitiated).
  • Formed the Zombie Squad Mounted Warriors Unit. 
  • Made friends with lots of talking cats and dogs.
  • Made friends with other talking horses not named Mr. Ed.
  • Issued cute certificates to School of Imitation Law (S.O.I.L.) enrollees .
  • Created video yearbooks featuring those same #BarnyardLawyer School of Imitation Law (S.O.I.L.) enrollees.

The Extended Family of Gregarious Gus


GREGARIOU GUS official family portrait

No, we are not going to bore you by naming everyone in the Gregarious Gus Official Extended Family Portrait, mostly because Gus cannot remember who everybody is.  We note that Gus's Sisfur Rosie does not have her separate portrait here because Rosie has her very own website page, right next to this as a matter of fact.  Check it out when are through perusing this page, provided you can pull yourself away.


lord winston official portrait

Lord Winston is the newest edition to the Gregarious Gus Extended Family.  


little red official portrait

As you can see, this was supposed to be Gus's Big Brofur Little Red's official portrait.  But Gus being Gus, could not help but photo-bomb the shoot. 

About Gregarious Gus - Capsule Version


The #barnyardlawyer

 Since 2006, Gregarious Gus THE #BarnyardLawyer himself has led the effort to permanently eliminate nearly all semblance of useful legal information. He has been at the forefront of nearly every major public legal victory. We define victory very loosely.

He is so successful, there is a separate section on Gus, the Dean of the #BarnyardLawyer School of Imitation Law (S.O.I.L.), as well as the #BarnyardLawyer School of Imitation Law (S.O.I.L.) itself .   It is the second one down next to this one as a matter of fact.   Click on the tab and check it out.


Dean Gus has appeared in world renowned news publications and also the stuff listed below

The fearless leader of the #BarnyardLawyer School of Imitation Law (S.O.I.L.), Dean Gregarious Gus, has appeared in and been quoted multiple times in well known publications such as Hay & Oats Digest, HorseSense Quarterly, Modern Bridle, and the New England Journal of MINIs.  

Reprints of Gus' cover story in the Equine Enquirer may be purchased for a non nominal charge in the #BarnyardLawyer School of Imitation Law (S.O.I.L.) Student Bookstore.


a literary luminary

Besides being the aforementioned exalted Editor in Chief of #AnimalMusings Gregarious Gus is an accomplished author.  Shown on the left are a couple of random selections from two of his ongoing award winning literary series.  Future book signings will be announced whenever we have a venue in which we think we can sell more than five total copies.

Gregarious Gus - A Mini of Many Parts


Irish gus

gus the model

gus the model

There are times, particularly around Mardi Gras and Saint Patrick's Day, where Gus's Irish heritage comes to the surface.  He can be quite the reveler when the occasion calls for it.  Of course being the high profile personality that he is, Gus is rather circumspect with whom he celebrates.


gus the model

gus the model

gus the model

 Always the Gregarious One, Gus has modeled for the most accomplished portrait painters in Mount Dora.    Being so community minded,  Gus also makes time for the local paint-by-numbers crowd.  


santa gus

gus the model

santa gus

Gus is especially Gregarious and festive around the holiday seasons {nothing to do with high octane eggnog}.  As such, more than once Gus has played Santa for good little colts and phillies .

More About Gus


gus the initiator and innovator

Create Awareness, Take Action has always been Gus's motto.  As such, he heeded the call to action when he created the Zombie Squad Mounted Warriors - The First Line of Defense Against the Zombie Apocalypse.   


commander gus the deligator

Commander Gus has his Mounted Warriors so well trained, that they can operate seamlessly on an independent basis.   And do so at times.


gus is in the forefront

Gregarious Gus is always leading the pack, or herd in this case.  Mostly because he walks in front of the camera right before the photo is snapped.

Gus's Leadership Skills


gus leads the way

The Gregarious One always takes an interest in his pasture mates.  He is constantly mentoring them on various social skills and dining etiquette.


Gregarious gus, ever the social Arbitrator

Whenever there is a gathering of the furpals, you can be sure Gus will be right in the middle of things.  He is the driving force.  Also, the only one with a license. 


the always photogenic gregarious gus

Members of the Fourth Estate are always on the lookout for an opportunity to photograph Gus in action.

The Horse - The Mini - The Defender

 Mini Horse, Gregarious Gus, seeks to do good and protect his friends. 

Our Very Own Editor-in-Chief in Action

Gus the Gregarious one was not always the Dean of the #BarnyardLawyer School of Imitation Law.  Here you catch a glimpse or two or ten of him in some of his earlier endeavors.  More like escapades. 

Gregarious Gus & His True Love

 About a year or so ago, Gregarious Gus, a young mini horse, came to reside at RK Farm, a beautiful stable with 19 horses.  Little did he know he would meet a 32 year-old mare, who would quickly steal his heart.  

A Day with Gregarious Gus

No truth to the rumor that one of his ancestors was part of the Pony Express, the predecessor to today's mailman/girl.  You'll see.