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www.animalmusings.com is managed by our parent company Animal Musings Media, LLC and our affiliate company Power Speak Pros, a relationship marketing firm that uses the power of words to assist clients start conversations and build meaningful relationships with prospective consumers.  Through principled strategy, Power Speak Pros writers position their clients to ensure their authentic voice is heard in such a way that they make a positive impact wherever and whenever it counts.  

Keil, Doug, and Summer started POWER SPEAK PROS so they could live out their dreams and realize their passions through a company that allows each of them to do what they love to do--write.  And they do it very well.

www.animalmusings.com is a fun site designed to showcase our followers‘ pets! Let our Editorial Team help  you pen your pet's story!   And best of all, it is free!


And Speaking of the Power Speak Pros People


keil - chief strategy officer

 For over 30 years Keil Hackley has been convincing, persuading, and influencing with words. Her ability to turn concept into content and controversy into concurrence put her at the top of the legal field, and now, the same skill set has her towering over her peers in the digital marketing field. Keil’s approach to writing is both creative and analytical allowing her to convey the client’s message in a sophisticated, yet easy to read style. 

In addition to co-founding Power Speak Pros, she is the founding partner of the internationally recognized law firm Hackley & Robertson, P.A. for whom she has published thousands of legal writings. Her technical writings are widely published in a variety of trade and professional journals and her more lighthearted pieces are in print in community magazines and news outlets. Keil is well known for her humorous work, co-authored with Doug Maymon, including the creation, development, and success of the famous mystical mini, the #BarnyardLawyer and @GregariousGus


doug - creative director / marketing guru

 During his forty-plus years as a marketing and communications executive, Power Speak Pros co-founder Douglas Ross Maymon worked with a number of Fortune 500 corporations, as well as small and midsize companies.   Most recently, Doug served as the Executive Director/Managing Partner of Continental Business Strategies, LLC, a consulting firm which assists small to midsize and start-up companies with brand development, product enhancement, business planning, plus sales force and personnel training.  CBS further assisted with brochure design, corporate media presentations, along with sales strategies and marketing tactics.  As a side note, through his longtime association with Rotary International, Doug had public relations assignments on regional, national, and international levels. He is a wordsmith extraordinaire, with a flair for innovative communication, while using just the right touch of humor when appropriate.

Doug is well regarded in the community, as well as the corporate world.  He is a Rotary Past District Governor and is an active member of the Rotary Club of Central Citrus County. While living in South Florida he served as the City of Weston's Community Emergency Response Team Director.  In conjunction with the CERT program, Doug has received forty-six Certificates of Achievement from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Emergency Management Institute.  

In addition, he was a founding board member and key creative component of the Weston Area International Business Alliance, an international trade group for business development.  Doug served in the Civil Air Patrol (United States Air Force Auxiliary) for nine years, where he held several senior command and staff positions as well as receiving numerous commendations and citations.   For many years Doug was involved with The Robbins Fund, a Florida 501C3 corporation which deals with international disaster relief. 


summer - Legal Subject Matter Specialist

 Summer Robertson is a technical writer for Power Speak Pros while maintaining her prominent position as a founding Partner at the Law Offices of Hackley & Robertson. Her writing skills are extraordinary and she is published by several noteworthy professional journals. As the lead attorney on her firm’s appellate cases, she has written literally hundreds of briefs, turning around the most challenges of cases.  Power Speak Pros invited Super Lawyer rated Summer Robertson to join the company in order to benefit from her over 15 years of legal and technical writing experience for our most challenging jobs. 

 Committed to giving back to the community, Summer sits on the Board of Directors of the Davie Units Boys and Girls Clubs of Broward County. She is a member of the Royal Dames of Cancer Research, the Circle of Wise Women for Junior Achievement of South Florida and on the President’s Advisory Committee (PAC) for Nova Southeastern University. She was also nominated as one of Broward County’s 100 Outstanding Women in 2009 and 2010. 


Animal Musings Media, llc corporate logo

We took the opportunity to prominently display our brand new Animal Musings Media, LLC corporate logo.  So why display it here you may ask?  Mostly because we can, and we believe it looks pretty cool while representing what we do.

A Little Sampling About Us, As in Power Speak Pros


what do tony the tiger, morris the cat, charlie the tuna, pillsbury doughboy and the jolly green giant have in common?

Tony the Tiger, the Jolly Green Giant, Charlie the Tuna, Pillsbury Doughboy, and Morris the Cat may not look alike, but they have the same father, Leo Burnett Co., a Chicago advertising agency.


Even the most successful campaigns, however, have required occasional tinkering or cast changes. The Jolly Green Giant was born Green Giant. "Jolly" was added when the agency found out that the monster image was frightening children, and the giant's eyebrows were modified to look less forbidding.  A prime example of why one of our favorite mottos is "Improvise.  Adapt.  Overcome."


what do gregarious gus, top gun kitties, and the #barnyard lawyer have in common

On a similar note, the #BarnyardLawyer, Top Gun Kitties, and Gregarious Gus were all created by the talented staff at Power Speak Pros.  Each personality is a multimedia star in their own right.


Gregarious Gus, Top Gun Kitties, Barnyard Lawyer School of Imitation Law, and Rosie TV are trademarks of Animal Musings Media, LLC. 


The #barnyardlawyer school of imitation law (S.O.I.L.)

Much like the Marvel Cinematic Universe pulls together all of the Marvel Comics superheroes, the #BarnyardLawyer School of Imitation Law has become the melting pot of the animal themed Twitter world.  Every character featured in the montage to the left, as well as their human counterparts, along with dozens more for each one shown, is an avid Twitter participant and followerer of @GregariousGus, Dean of the #BarnyardLawyer School of Imitation Law.

Our Multi Media Platforms





Anchoring the Power Speak Pros / #AnimalMusings Twitter universe is, what else, #AnimalMusings@PowerSpeakPros.   Our two most famous characters also have active Twitter accounts that often act as support mechanisms.

@GregariousGus and @TopGunKitties have very dedicated followings of their own.





The granddaddy of social media serves us well.  Our corporate page can be found at Animal Musings @PowerSpeakPros.   Gregarious Gus is a vastly popular media entity, so he rates his own page @GregariousGus.  The GG page has its own interaction and huge fan-base.  It also supports our corporate page when appropriate. 





Power Speak Pros / #AnimalMusings has harnessed the power of YouTube to share your messages and tell your stories.

Rosie TV by Animal Musings takes you to a truly dynamic YouTube channel bursting with creativity and unique features.  Our ongoing signature program is The Rosie Show.





If you go to www.instagram.com/animalmusings/ you will discover animal photo journalism at its very finest.  It delineates how we tell visual stories with a minimum of comment.





Try #AnimalMusings to see a vast photo array of the happenings in the animal universe through our unique perspective.  Pinterest is a wonderful support mechanism for stories and features that have appeared on our other media platforms.  Cross promotion at its very finest.





Here at the Power Speak Pros and Animal Musings Media, LLC media empires, we embrace the concept of giving you that one stop shopping experience, The that end we use all of the major social media platforms.  reddit is our latest addition.


Our Corporate Power Speak Pros Ad


About #AnimalMusings


Origin of Species

 With apologies to Charles Darwin, #AnimalMusings evolved from a monthly blog called Mini Musings.  Mini Musings was written from the point of view of mini horse Gregarious Gus for an equine enthusiast magazine in the United Kingdom.  It was a natural progression from there.  Ol' Charlie Darwin would be proud. 


our audience

Our target core audience is the pet owning community, as they are the ones who can most relate to our general content.  We do have animal lovers from around the world following us and contributing on a regular basis. 


our platforms

Our themed content spans the social media spectrum.  Either under our own banner of #AnimalMusings, or in conjunction with Power Speak Pros, we provide fresh material on a regular basis through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube; the links of which are right below, just click on the respective icon.

Power Speak Pros Services

in other words, what we can do for you

 Keil, Doug and Summer started a company that set the stage for them to do what they love to do, and, to do it on their own terms—write.  After 31 years of practicing law, Keil passed down her law firm to the people who helped her build it. Douglas took the leap after 40 years in marketing when he decided that Fortune 500 companies are for people who are not ready to truly pursue their dreams. Summer, the company’s hybrid partner, still practices law while allowing the company to tap into her most creative self. While they are proud of their professional accomplishments, set out in bios, they believe it’s more important that they be seen as the people who took steps to follow their passions and then offer it to their clients.  They provide what they call Relationship Marketing.

They created and developed mini horse and Twitter sensation @Gregarious Gus, the #BarnyardLawyer.   Read their #Animal Musings Blogs where the pets do all the talking. By combining their love of animals and their best skill sets—writing and creativity—they are truly following their passions and developing relationships with their clients and followers.

 As part of their Relationship Marketing based principles, Power Seak Pros offers original content written as per the client’s goals and objectives. Using superior research and writing abilities, alongside of the creative aptitude to generate innovative and imaginative content, their goal is to see that each client reaches, influences, and moves their target market. 

Get to know Keil, Doug, and Summer by following them on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram @PowerSpeakPros.  Our social media links are on this page, right below, waiting for your click on the respective symbols!

Have questions--email us at kh@HackleyRobertson.com


Additional Services



Are your postings Scroll-Stoppers? Are you building relationships with your followers? If not, let’s find out why not.

As content strategists and relationship marketing specialist, we are all about the networking aspect of social media.  Our job is to create the content that serves as the “scroll-stopper” for your business page.  We write the content that starts the conversation and helps you develop a relationship with your target consumer. What that particular content is for you will depend on your industry, your target market, and what is in the best interest of your company and the message you want to send to prospective consumers.  

No doubt your postings are getting the “thumbs-up” from your friends and connections.  However, are your postings generating conversations and comments?  If not, perhaps it’s time to find out why not.  Let us take a look at your feed and see if we have suggestions you like. 

Everyone knows that words have power.  Let us help you put power behind your words.

Email us at kh@HackleyRobertson.com to see what we can do for you.

But Wait There Is More



Blogs are an easy way to impress consumers. Yet, a poorly written blog can have the reverse effect. If it’s too technical the reader will either get frustrated or bored. If it’s too general or simple, the reader will be disappointed or annoyed. Either way, a potential customer moves on.

A blog should engage the reader to the degree that the reader bookmarks the blog, prints it, or otherwise saves it for reference. That means the blog writer must, at the outset, understand each client’s objective, and at the same time, ensure the readers’ expectations are exceeded. Disappointing the reader with a misleading title or vague content is not an option.

A blog must be charged with good content and be written in such a way that the average reader can easily understand and retain the information. While our writers are professionals with expert writing skills, they understand the conversational nature of blogs.

Power Speak Pros  promises our clients that they will be impressed by our work product, our commitment to their success, and how high we set the bar.

Contact us today by email at kh@HackleyRobertson.com

That's It, For Now



A well designed website will catch a consumer’s eye and will undoubtedly encourage a quick glance, but it’s the content that will keep them there. Both consumers, and the search engines that lead them to a given site, are looking for relevant, current, and original content. 

Power Speak Pros customizes website content by working closely with our clients and their webmasters to ensure the right message is delivered and received. Allow us to showcase you with powerful words that not only tell your story and sell your product, but build strong and lasting relationships with your consumers. Don't settle for less!

We are available to chat with  you on  the telephone.  Arrange an appointment by emailing us at kh@HackleyRobertson.com